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Umpire Contact Details for 2022

Umpire Panel and Contact Details 2022

The League no longer has an umpire appointments’ secretary. Appointments for each fixture will be allocated at the start of the season based on availability provided.

Umpires who find they cannot fulfil their allocated fixture on or near the day concerned should contact the home club using the contacts listed on the clubs tab, giving as much notice as possible. Additionally, if you can arrange cover for yourself please do so and inform the home team.
If you are standing with a colleague in the fixture please also inform them.

If your availability changes and you wish to make yourself available to umpire, please consult the appointments sheet to see where a colleague is standing on their own and contact them to offer your services.  Again, please inform the home club of any change.

Forename Surname Home Phone Mobile Phone
Geoff Allen 01562 632239 07762 462879
Mark Barratt 01562 913395 07789 904140
Tony Burkes 01299 404630 07791 069853
Chris Forrest 0121 6024471 07813 435610
Pat Kelly 01299 250764 07810 513507
Tony Kidd 01562 67416 07530 595426
Mike Neal   07745 274082
Mike Peplow   07561 561893
Mark Taylor 01527 575630 07841 480810
Roger Tolchard   07779 588467
Dave Unitt   07557 529150
Tony Wilks 01562 741901 07815 511114